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Dual USB Ports for FDD Bay
Dual USB Ports for FDD Bay

Dual USB Ports for FDD Bay, Black

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Product TypeCable
Length of Cable1.75ft
Now your can attach USB devices like external drives and cameras to the front of your PC chassis with our dual USB bracket. Bracket with two USB Type A ports fits into a standard 3.5" drive bay. Connect the cables to 4-pin header connectors on your motherboard or SBC.
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Product Type Cable
Cable Specifications
Cable Details 28AWG/1P + 24AWG/2C
Cable End A
Number of Connectors 2
Cable End B
Number of Connectors 2
Length of Cable 1.75ft (533.4mm)
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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Dual USB Ports for FDD Bay, Black
Dual USB Ports for FDD Bay, Beige
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MSI USB-B Low Stock
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