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CBL 3702FS 37-Pin Double-Shielded Cable, DB-37 F-F, 2ft
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Use Opto 22 Relays with TTL I/O LinesUse Opto 22 Relays with TTL I/O Lines
Output buffer chips in our CYSSR 24 relay mounting rack provides 16mA of current sink per channel, making it possible to use solid-state relays with virtually any TTL-level digital I/O board, regardless of weather or not your board provides a sufficiently high current sink.  MORE...
Digital Monitor & HDTV Cables.
Our CBL DDDMMxx series DVI-D DualLink cables are designed for use with any monitor that supports DVI-D, including high-definition monitors and HDTVs. Cables have 25-pin DVI-D male connectors.  MORE...
Digital Monitor & HDTV Cables.
I/O Board High-Density TerminationI/O Board High-Density Termination
The STA 100 terminal panel breaks out two 50-pin headers to 100 individual screw terminals for field wiring. Four additional terminals are provided for user wiring. Includes space for pull-up resistors.  MORE...
DB-37M Shielded Cables
The CBL 3700M series are round, shielded, 37-pin cables designed for the demanding needs of data acquisition systems. They are straight-through 1:1 cables with standard DB-37 male connectors on each end.  MORE...
DB-37M Shielded Cables