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PCI to PCI Extender Card Set
PCI to PCI Extender Card Set
PRO 600

PCI to PCI Extender Card Set - Includes PCI-Bus Extender Card, PCI-Bus Receiver Card, 8-Slot Backplane, and Connection Cable

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Card BusPCI (32-bit, 5V keyed)
Card BusPCI (32-bit, 5V keyed)

Has your PC run out of slots? Out PRO series bus expansion card systems solve this problem by increasing the number of expansion slots available to any PC. This is accomplished by connecting an existing slot in the host PC via a custom plug-in board with a shielded cable to an external passive backplane. PRO series expansion systems are available separately, or with a variety of expansion chassis (to house the external passive backplane) including MicroBox, table-top, or rack-mount units.

Our PRO 600 PCI bus extender card set is the solution for any PCI-based PC system that requires additional 32-bit PCI expansion slots. The card set includes an extender card, a receiver card, a 1-meter shielded 96-pin interconnection cable, and an 8-slot PCI-bus backplane that can be housed in many of our 8-slot passive backplane computer chassis. This provides a net gain of 6 additional PCI slots which can be used to add expansion cards to your computer.

Now you can combine the functionality and expandability of a desktop PC with the portability of a notebook PC. Simply choose a MicroBox™ chassis, backplane, and power supply from the list below to build the combined package "PRO 608N."

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Product Information
  • Requires one PC expansion slot for PCI-bus extender card.
  • Bus expansion is via a PCI-to-PCI bridge, your PC's BIOS must be able to recognize a PCI-to-PCI bridge for the set to work.
  • Bus Operating Clock: 33MHz max.
  • Available Interrupt Levels: INTA ~ INTD (Levels 10 to 13).
  • Accessible Address Space: 32-bit memory addressing, I/O addressing.
  • Because there are limitations to the expansion bus signals that can be handled by the adapter, the following boards cannot be used: expands the PRO 600, graphics (VGA) boards.
Host Card
Card Bus PCI (32-bit, 5V keyed)
Extension Card
Card Bus PCI (32-bit, 5V keyed)
Detailed Specifications More Detail
Ordering - Includes Options Indicated Below
PRO 600
PCI to PCI Extender Card Set - Includes PCI-Bus Extender Card, PCI-Bus Receiver Card, 8-Slot Backplane, and Connection Cable

Chassis Power Supply
PWR 250A
250W Autoranging PS/2 Power Supply, PS/2-size
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PRO 600 2+ weeks
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