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Data-System Isolation Transformer
Data-System Isolation Transformer
SRT 1000

Data-System Isolation Transformer, 8.3A Load, 1000W

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Shipping: 2-5 business days
Mounting ConfigurationDesktop / benchtop; Wall-mount
Power Supply Output Connector4 AC outlets on rear panel (NEMA 5-15R)
Nominal Output Power1kW
Safety/ApprovalsUL approved

Isolation transformers keep line noise from contaminating data and causing computers and other electronics instruments to malfunction. They are particularly good at limiting line noise and spikes, eliminating the need for dedicated AC lines. They efficiently transform potentially noisy commercial AC power into safe, computer-grade electrical current.

The "Faraday Shield" design in our SRT 1000 places a shield between the primary and secondary windings of the transformer to provide true line isolation. The unit is rated for 120VAC at 60Hz on both input and output. The SRT 1000 has an easy-to-reset external circuit breaker, and comes with a 6-foot detachable cord.

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Mounting Configuration Desktop / benchtop
Power Supply Output Connector 4 AC outlets on rear panel (NEMA 5-15R)
Nominal Output Power 1kW
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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SRT 1000
Data-System Isolation Transformer, 8.3A Load, 1000W
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SRT 1000 2-5 business days
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