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UPSR 0750B

750VA 1U Rack-Mount UPS, Black (26" deep)

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Mounting ConfigurationRack-mount (EIA RS-310C Standard 19")
Nominal Output Power480W
Nominal Output Power, VA750VA
Nominal Output Voltage120VAC

State-of-the-art uninterruptible power supplies protect your computer and other valuable electronic components from blackouts, brownouts, sags, and surges. Our UPSR 0750B rack-mount UPS filters small power line fluctuations and isolates your equipment from large disturbances by internally disconnecting the utility line and providing power from its internal battery until the line returns to normal or until the battery is fully discharged.

Our UPS includes free software to help manage your system. You can control such functions as:

  • Battery replacement alarm and time period between self tests
  • Response to line voltage, matching equipment sensitivity
  • High and low voltage transfer points, plus turn-on delays.
  Detailed Specifications  More Detail
Mounting Configuration Rack-mount (EIA RS-310C Standard 19")
Height, Rack Units 1U (1.75")
Power Supply Input Connector Integral NEMA/USA standard 8-ft AC power cord
Power Supply Output Connector 4 AC outlets on rear panel (NEMA 5-15R)
Nominal Output Power 480W
Nominal Output Power, VA 750VA
Nominal Output Voltage 120VAC
UPSs/Inverters & Power Conditioning
Remote Monitoring Port Type RS-232 (9-pin serial)
Hold-Up Times Hold-Up Time at Full Load 426s
Hold-Up Time at Half Load 1416s
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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UPSR 0750B
750VA 1U Rack-Mount UPS, Black (26" deep)
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UPSR 0750B 1-2 weeks
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