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4-Channel 3U PXI A/D Board
4-Channel 3U PXI A/D Board

PXI Data Acquisition Board - 130MHz 14-Bit A/D, 2 A/D Channels plus 2 DIO, 512MB SDRAM

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System BusPXI (3U)
Number of Channels2
A/D Converter Resolution14-bit
Max. A/D Speed (throughput)130MHz
Number of I/O Lines2
4-Channel 3U PXI A/D Board Connectors and PXI Latch on Bracket

CyberResearch is proud to introduce our new PXI-bus PXIDAQ 02M130 A/D board. This board and its close cousin, the PCIDAQ 02M130 are the fastest A/D boards we've ever seen, reading 65MS/s on each of two 14-bit channels for a total of 130MS/s. You can start and stop sampling with both analog and digital triggers, and you can synchronize your samples or take them simultaneously. To keep up with the amazing total flow of 130 million 14-bit samples per second, PXIDAQ 02M130 has 512MB of SODIMM RAM plus a 3056-sample FIFO. The board minimizes the processing load on your PC via bus-mastering DMA with scatter-gather.

The PXI bus adds more advantages to the board: Star trigger and trigger bus lines can synchronize multiple instruments (including all of the PXI boards we offer), so you can read a vast of array of synchronized and/or simultaneous data without specialized programming or specialized instruments.

We recommend the PXIDAQ 02M130 for sampling signals from radio, wireless, radar, sonar, and lidar sources; as well as gathering data from ultrasound, imaging, military, laboratory, and high-speed research sources.

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Product Information
System Bus PXI (3U)
Analog Input Channels
Number of Channels 2
Single-Ended Channels 2
A/D Converter Resolution 14-bit
Max. A/D Speed (throughput) 130MHz
Digital I/O
Number of I/O Lines 2
Primary Digital I/O Configuration 2 inputs
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PXI Data Acquisition Board - 130MHz 14-Bit A/D, 2 A/D Channels plus 2 DIO, 512MB SDRAM
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