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ADAM 4024

ADAM Remote Analog Output Module - 4 Channels of D/A

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System BusRS-422/485 serial
Number of Analog Output (D/A) Channels4
Number of I/O Lines4

There are two ADAM™ modules that provide analog output channels.  Both offer 3000VDC of isolation.

  • ADAM 4021 has one 12-bit analog utput channel 
  • ADAM 4024 has four 12-bit analog output channels. 

ADAM modules use a single twisted pair of wires to transmit and receive data. All module commands are issued in printable ASCII characters. You can easily panel-mount, DIN-rail-mount, or piggyback-mount modules. Removable screw terminal connectors make wiring and field maintenance easy.

Modules accept any unregulated power source between 10 and 30 VDC. A watchdog timer supervisory function automatically resets the modules in the event of system failure.

Our CyMOD series of modules has been designed with state-of-the art surface-mount technology to be completely hardware and software compatible with the ADAM series, at a somewhat lower cost.  CM 4021 and CM 4024 are analog output modules that parallel the similarly numbered ADAM modules. 

  Detailed Specifications  More Detail
Product Information
System Bus RS-422/485 serial
Analog Output
Number of Analog Output (D/A) Channels 4
D/A Converter Resolution 12-bit
Digital I/O
Number of I/O Lines 4
Primary Digital I/O Configuration 4 inputs
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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ADAM 4024
ADAM Remote Analog Output Module - 4 Channels of D/A

Driver Software Options
LabVIEW® Controls for Win95/98/200/NT
ActiveX® Controls for Win95/98/NT

Serial Converters and Repeaters
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