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1-Channel Remote Analog Output Module
1-Channel Remote Analog Output Module
CM 7021

CyMOD Remote Analog Output Module - 1 Channel, 12-bit, 10 Screw Terminals

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System BusRS-422/485 serial
Number of Analog Output (D/A) Channels1

The CM 7021 provides one analog output channel capable of providing 0 to 10VDC, 4 to 20mA, or 0 to 20mA with 12-bit resolution. The module is encased in a rugged industrial-grade plastic casing to survive harsh plant and laboratory environments. It is easy to mount on a desktop, DIN rail, wall, or piggyback to another CM 7000 module. 3000VDC isolation voltage protects from stray power spikes.

The dual watchdog timer monitors both the module and the host PC, re-starting the module if it halts, or going into safe mode if contact with the host PC is lost.

  • Host Watchdog Timer (software): If contact is lost with the host PC, after 5 seconds (user-set in 100ms increments) the output lines on the modules will automatically go into their safe states (user-selectable) to prevent unpredictable damage.
  • Module Watchdog Timer (hardware): If the module halts, the module watchdog timer will reset the module and any output lines will revert to their pre-defined power-on values.
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Product Information
System Bus RS-422/485 serial
Designed to Replace CB-7021
Analog Output
Number of Analog Output (D/A) Channels 1
D/A Converter Resolution 12-bit
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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CM 7021
CyMOD Remote Analog Output Module - 1 Channel, 12-bit, 10 Screw Terminals
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CM 7021 2+ weeks
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