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ISA Digital I/O Board - 10 Channels of C/T, 24 Channels of Digital I/O
ISA Digital I/O Board - 10 Channels of C/T, 24 Channels of Digital I/O

ISA Digital I/O Board - 10 C/Ts, 24 Digital I/Os

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System BusISA (16-bit, AT)
Number of I/O Lines24
Number of User Channels10

Our ATCTM 05 and ATCTM 10 boards are general-purpose counter/timer cards with digital I/O that utilizes Intel's 82C54 3-channel counter/timer chips for event counting, pulse measurement, frequency measurement, and pulse generation. In addition, 8 digital outputs and up to 16 digital inputs are supported (digital inputs share pins with the counter Clock and Gate input lines).

The ATCTM 05 has two 82C54 chips, providing five independent channels; one 32-bit and four 16-bit down counters. The ATCTM 10 uses four 82C54 chips to provide 10 channels; two 32-bit and eight 16-bit down counters. Each counter can be configured for different clock sources and gate control via jumper settings. In addition, 11 interrupt levels (IRQ3 to IRQ15) are supported; these may be jumper selected as either internal periodic or external interrupt sources. Two time pacer signals can be generated using the two cascaded 16-bit counters, and these signals can be used as internal interrupt sources.

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Product Information
System Bus ISA (16-bit, AT)
Digital I/O Lines
Number of I/O Lines 24
Primary Digital I/O Configuration 8 outputs
16 inputs (clk/gate)
Counter/Timer Channels
Number of User Channels 10
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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ISA Digital I/O Board - 10 C/Ts, 24 Digital I/Os

Terminal Panel Options
37-Pin DIN-Mount Terminal Panel with DB-37F Connector

Cable Options
CBL 3703M
37-Pin Round Shielded Cable, DB-37 M-M, 3 ft
CBL 3706M
37-pin Round Shielded Cable, DB-37 M-M, 6 ft
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ATCTM 10 Low Stock
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