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cPCI Counter/Timer Board - 12 16-Bit C/Ts, 16 Channels of DIO

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System BusCompactPCI (32-bit)
Number of I/O Lines16
Number of User Channels12

The versatile PXICTM 12 is capable of a variety of different configurations that make it useful as an event counter, frequency generator/synthesizer, pulse width generator, etc. Two counters can be set as independent or cascaded (based on an 8MHz clock) and the gate control for the counters can be an internal or external clock source.

The PXICTM 12 allows for two interrupt sources, one of which originates from the output of counter #12. The other interrupt signal can originate from an external source. This interrupt signal can be utilized as a watchdog timer or for other applications (maximum interrupt time interval is 536 seconds). When an external clock or external interrupt is used, a programmable debounce function can be enabled or disabled by the user via a jumper setting. The card also provides 8 digital input channels and 8 digital output channels which are TTL compatible and can be used to control and monitor external devices.

The card is fully plug-and-play. For users who write their own programs, the PXICTM 12 is supported by a comprehensive set of drivers and programming tools.

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Product Information
System Bus CompactPCI (32-bit)
Digital I/O Lines
Number of I/O Lines 16
Primary Digital I/O Configuration 8 inputs
8 outputs
Counter/Timer Channels
Number of User Channels 12
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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cPCI Counter/Timer Board - 12 16-Bit C/Ts, 16 Channels of DIO

Terminal Panel Options
100-Pin Y-Cable to Two 50-Pin Barrier Strip Spade Lug Terminal Panels, 3 ft
100-Pin DIN-Mount Screw Terminal Panel, 100-Pin High-Density SCSI-II Connector

Cable Options
CBSCSI 10003
100-Pin Shielded SCSI-II Cable, 100-Pin SCSI M-M, 3 ft
CBSCSI 10006
100-Pin Shielded SCSI-II Cable, 100-Pin SCSI M-M, 6 ft
CBSCSI 10010
100-Pin Shielded SCSI-II Cable, 100-Pin SCSI M-M, 10 ft
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