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Mounting Bracket for ORM 29xx Series Motors
Mounting Bracket for ORM 29xx Series Motors
MMT 290

Mounting Bracket for ORM 29xx Series NEMA Size 34 Motors

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Product TypeMounting bracket
The integrity of any motion-control system is compromised if motor mounts do not maintain proper alignment between the motor shaft and the load. Not only does misalignment generate friction and heat, it also degrades the precision that was originally built into your stepping motors and drivers. Our MMT 290 high-precision mount for our ORM 29xx motors is strong enough to maintain proper alignment, while allowing for adjustments up to 0.24 inches (6mm). The MMT 290 has been designed to work with most NEMA size 34 motors.
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Product Type Mounting bracket
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MMT 290
Mounting Bracket for ORM 29xx Series NEMA Size 34 Motors
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