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3-Slot Short-Length Chassis
3-Slot Short-Length Chassis

3-Slot MicroBox Chassis - 3 Short-Length ISA Slots, 65W AT Power Supply

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Mounting ConfigurationDesktop / benchtop; Wall-mount
2.5" x 0.5" Bays1
Slot Quantity of Typical Backplane3 slots
3-Slot Short-Length Chassis Mount on a Surface or on a Wall Removable Mtg Brackets to Mount Vertically of Horizontally

Our MB IPC3B MicroBox™ PC Systems are perfect for small spaces, wall-mount, and embedded applications. They come with a 65W power supply, a cooling fan, and one internal 2.5" drive bay. You can choose between 3-slot ISA or PISA passive backplanes.

Look for single-board computers in the "Industrial Computers" section of this website. For other useful boards, see "Data Acquisition & Control Systems."

  Detailed Specifications  More Detail
Mounting Configuration Desktop / benchtop
Color Beige
Mounting Flanges Removable wall/bench-mount flanges included
Drive Bays
2.5" Drive Bays, Full Height (0.5"/12.5mm) 2.5" x 0.5" Bays 1
Internal 1 horizontal
Backplane Type ISA passive backplane
Slot Quantity of Typical Backplane 3 slots
Expansion Slots Features & Details Includes PBID 03 passive backplane
Cooling Summary Cooling fan
Width 3.51" (89.2mm)
Height 8.08" (205.2mm)
Depth 8.85" (224.7mm)
Standoff of Mounting Rails (from surface) 8.33" (211.6mm)
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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3-Slot MicroBox Chassis - 3 Short-Length ISA Slots, 65W AT Power Supply
3-Slot MicroBox Chassis - 3 Short-Length Slots (1 PCI, 1 PISA/PCI shared, 1 PISA), 65W AT Power Supply
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