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PCIe Video Card with Dual DVI and mini HDMI, 1GB DDR3 RAM

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System Bus (slot compatibility)PCI Express x16
Support for Multiple MonitorsDual Independent Monitors
GPUnVidia GeForce GT 520
Video RAM1GB DDR3 video RAM
DigitalDVI/PaneLink (flat-panel); HDMI
The GRI EDD1GA PCIe-bus graphics card features DVI, and an mini HDMI ports. The NVidia® GeForce™ GT 520 (Fermi) graphics processing chip offloads the work of processing 2D/3D graphics from your CPU. Together with the on-board 1GB of DDR3 RAM, it provides you with faster performance and clearer images.
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Product Information
System Bus (slot compatibility) PCI Express x16
Video Specifications
Support for Multiple Monitors Dual Independent Monitors
Chipset GPU nVidia GeForce GT 520
Memory Video RAM 1GB DDR3 video RAM
Video RAM Filter 1GB
Video Output Signals Digital DVI/PaneLink (flat-panel)
Video Special Features

Shader Clock: 1620MHz
CUDA Cores: 48

Cables and Connectors
Video Output Connectors DVI-I Dual Link (29-pin) connector
DVI-I Single Link (23-pin) connector
HDMI Type D (19-pin)
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PCIe Video Card with Dual DVI and mini HDMI, 1GB DDR3 RAM
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