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PCI Video Card with DVI, TV Out, 128MB DDR VRAM

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System Bus (slot compatibility)PCI (32-bit, 5V keyed)
GPUnVidia GeForce2 FX 5200
Video RAM128MB DDR video RAM
AnalogRCA composite video (NTSC)
DigitalDVI/PaneLink (flat-panel)
The GRI PD128D is a PCI-bus video card with DVI, TV Out, and 128MB DDR VRAM. The low-profile bracket with an LFH dual DVI port connects to the included DVI Y-cable for dual monitors.
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Product Information
System Bus (slot compatibility) PCI (32-bit, 5V keyed)
Video Specifications
Chipset GPU nVidia GeForce2 FX 5200
Memory Video RAM 128MB DDR video RAM
Video RAM Filter 128MB
Video Output Signals Analog RCA composite video (NTSC)
Digital DVI/PaneLink (flat-panel)
Video Special Features
  • Analog and digital TV out
  • Supports dual monitors
  • Low-profile card fits smaller chassis
  • GeForce FX 5300 processor and 128MB DDR memory
Cables and Connectors
Video Output Connectors 2 x DVI-I Dual Link (29-pin) connectors
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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PCI Video Card with DVI, TV Out, 128MB DDR VRAM
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GRI PD128D 2-5 business days
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