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CyRAQ 1000 Outdoor LCD
Digital Signage Solutions  

Our CyRAQ 1000 sunlight-readable digital signs display your content in full HD 1080p resolution in all weather conditions. Display mounting, venting, and AC or DC power can be customized. We can provide models with heaters or air conditioning for extreme environments. If you need a unique corporate look, CyRAQ 1000s can be private labeled, branded, and painted in customer-specified colors.

With a long history of building products for customers from NASA to Disney, we can build a rugged digital sign or video wall to your fit your custom needs. Just give our applications engineers a call at 1-800-341-2525


Why CyberResearch Digital Signage Instead of a Static Sign?

Rapidly Changing Information
Information changes so fast these days that a static sign just can't be kept up-to-date. Now you can send messages and images to your customers and employees, updated digitally. When information needs to get to your audience quickly, digital signs are ideal for:

  • Critical security updates and crowd control instructions
  • Messages and crowd directions at the beginning and end of a colliseum or sporting event
  • Real-time product availability in stores and warehouses
  • Estimated time of arrival in train and bus stations, ferry ports, and airports
  • Length of time in check-out lines or waiting rooms in stores and medical facilities
  • Public service announcements in businesses and public spaces

Alleviate traffic jams and long waiting lines (saving valuable time) with alerts to your customers or employees. When waiting is unavoidable, provide entertainment and advertisement while traveling on-board buses and trains or standing in lines at quick service restaurants, supermarket checkouts, theaters, and theme parks.

Demand for Details
With the internet and cell phones, customers have become used to detailed information being constantly available. Digital signs enable you to:

  • Daypart content for menus tailored to scheduled times of the day
  • Offer sales and special offers at different times and locations
  • Present detailed maps and directions, tourist and hotel information
  • Publish schedules and assignments updated in real time
  • Develop brand awareness for repeat sales

Customized Data and Delivery
When it comes to relevant information, often one size does not fit all. Customizing how and when information is given provides your readers with information that they deem valuable. Keeping your customer engaged gives them a reason to choose you over the competition. Digital signage gives you the flexibility to provide:

  • Messages in multiple languages and special-needs formats, such as extra-large letters
  • In-depth food labeling customized to specific customer or regulatory requirements
  • Product advertisments and specifications
  • Customer convenience at point-of-purchase displays to increase sales without increasing staff
  • Increased training effectiveness by matching instructions to trainee tasks step-by-step


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