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KVM Extender over Fiber
High-Preformance Digital KVM Over Dual Fiber-Optic Cable
KVME 2130

KVM / DVI / Audio Extender, VGA, DVI, HDTV, Audio, USB over Fiber

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Mounting ConfigurationDesktop / benchtop; Plug-in module
Display InputStandard analog VGA (15-pin); DVI (Digital Visual Interface)
Max. Transmission Distance1.24mi
KVM Extender over Fiber KVM Extender Transmitter KVM Extender Receiver

High-performance KVME 2130 extender gives you HDTV-level resolution, choice of analog ordigital video, high-fidelity audio, practical immunity from electromagnetic interference, extreme range, and wide temperature tolerence. Because the KVME 2130 transmits digitized signals in real time, no video information is lost. You get dynamic video signals with no signal degradation and crystal-clear viewing.

Included VGA to DVI-I adapters allow both types of video signals to connect to the DVI ports on the front of the transmitter and receiver. You get an easy upgrade path from VGA to DVI systems. You can interface any combination of DVI, RGBHV, and RBsB source and monitors. The built-in USB connector lets you adjust brightness, contrast, horizontal, and vertical position, sharpness, and color. You can also customize the extender for nonstandard resolutions and refresh rates.

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Product Information
Mounting Configuration Desktop / benchtop
Plug-in module
Display Input Standard analog VGA (15-pin)
DVI (Digital Visual Interface)
Max. Transmission Distance 1.24mi (2km)
  • 10Hz-18kHz, 47KΩ in/out impedence
  • <0.02% @ 1kHz total harmonic distortion
  • >80dB @ 1KHz signal/noise ratio
  • 16-bit resolution
Detailed Specifications More Detail
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KVME 2130
KVM / DVI / Audio Extender, VGA, DVI, HDTV, Audio, USB over Fiber

Duplex M-M Fiber Optic Cable, by the Foot (order this, plus CFDM ST, LC, or SC to create a custom-length cable)
Duplex Fiber Optic ST M-M Cable Connectors (order this, plus CFDM FFC to create a custom-length cable)
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