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8-Channel USB Thermocouple DAS Module
8-Channel USB Thermocouple DAS Module

USB Thermocouple DAS Module - 8 Channels of 16-bit A/D

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System BusUSB 2.0
Number of Channels8
A/D Converter Resolution16-bit
Number of I/O Lines16

Our HUDAS TC USB-bus data-acquisition module is ideal for temperature measurements, industrial On/Off control, and a variety of automation applications. It supports seven different thermocouples, as well as 0-20mA and 2-20mA current inputs. Input ranges are set individually for each channel, so you can set any combination that suits your application.

Power comes directly from the USB cable, so there is no need for a separate power supply. Analog input signals are connected via removable screw terminals, so connections can be swapped in and out with ease. A watchdog timer automatically restarts in case of a system failure, and channels configured for thermocouple use are automatically checked for open circuits.

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Product Information
System Bus USB 2.0
Direct Sensor Input Thermocouple
Analog Input Channels
Number of Channels 8
Differential Channels 8
A/D Converter Resolution 16-bit
Digital I/O
Number of I/O Lines 16
Primary Digital I/O Configuration 8 inputs
8 outputs
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USB Thermocouple DAS Module - 8 Channels of 16-bit A/D
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